Automotive Fabrication in Dallas Fort Worth
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Full Service Auto Fab Shop in Dallas Fort Worth for your Roll Cage, Suspension, or Engine Swap Project

Custom Parts for Your Street, Track Car, or Offroad Machine

Our team is seasoned mechanics and expert fabricators can tackle anything your project car needs and build custom parts in-house. Some of the most common project we work on:

  • Roll Cages
  • Ring & Pinion Installs
  • Suspension Fabrication
  • Chassis Modifications
  • Custom Grills & Bumpers
  • Engine Swaps
  • Custom Engine Mounts
  • Custom Headers & Exhaust Systems
  • Sheetmetal Forming (Panels etc)
  • Narrowed/Fabricated Axle housings
  • Housing and Enclosures
  • Welding (MIG and TIG)
  • Tubbing, or widening the rear wheel wells
  • + Any Other Customization

Performance Pedigree, Trackside Location

Our team has been building performance machines for decades. While we call ourselves expert craftsmen and fabricators, at heart we are car guys itching to build the next awesome machine to tear up the track or trail. That's why we are located at the Motorsports Ranch in Cresson. We love being close to other enthusiast and working with race teams on a daily basis.

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